BabyDoge Coin’s daily trading volume exceeds $100 million


BabyDoge made a debut only in 2021 and has been on an upward trajectory ever since. The record-setting hot streak of the asset persisted as its popularity surged. More recently, the coin made news for crossing the $100 million mark in trading volume.

The meme coin frenzy continues and the ever-growing popularity of these assets is proof of the same. Back in 2013, the first meme coin, Dogecoin [DOGE] entered the market as a joke. However, GenZ’s interest in the coin and Elon Musk’s endorsement put the meme coin right on top. Dogecoin further paved the way for an array of other meme coins like Shiba Inu [SHIB], BabyDoge, and so on.

Often compared to Shiba Inu, BabyDoge has been faring really well in the market. Recently, the coin even beat SHIB in terms of token holders. Once again, the meme coin made news for breaking its own record with regard to the number of token holders.

WhaleStats took to Twitter to report this movement. The tweet read,

BabyDoge amasses massive daily trading volume

Not very long ago, the BabyDoge community was elated after CoinGecko stepped up and updated information about the meme coin. At the time of writing, the coin was trading for $0.000000003797 and was enduring a slump. Over the last 24-hours, the coin had dropped by 9%.

However, there was good news too. BabyDoge went on to record a daily trading volume of a whopping $105 million. The network shared this news with the community via Twitter.

It seemed like BabyDoge was on a roll as its community was cheering on for the meme coin. Among top projects on Binance Smart Chain, BabyDoge Coin was ranked first. While its altcoin rank remained 31, it topped the meme coin list.

Source – BSCDaily

BabyDoge has been emerging as one of the most popular meme coins. The coin’s hot streak could get it some prominent listings in the crypto market.

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