Best Cryptocurrency Apps


Cryptocurrency’s recent popularity may be due to the sudden boom in digital assets. Consequently, cryptocurrencies’ accessibility to the average American is no longer as difficult. But how can crypto enthusiasts invest in crypto easily from anywhere and anytime? Cryptocurrency apps are the solution.

Moreover, cryptocurrency apps allow investors to trade in various cryptocurrencies while managing their accounts. There is a wide range of these apps, but the confusing bit may be choosing the right one. However, this article gives insight into the top cryptocurrency apps.

Are you interested in building a crypto portfolio? Gemini is your app as it offers a variety of cryptocurrencies to trade. Additionally, the Gemini Earn feature is noteworthy as it enables investors to earn interest on idle cryptocurrency balances at high rates.

Another Gemini perk is its user-friendliness, favorable for investors and traders of all skill levels. Who does not like bonuses? New Gemini users get $150 in bitcoin if they invest a minimum of $1,000 within 30 days.

Gemini provides an impressive collection of cryptocurrency study materials in its Cryptopedia educational library. Furthermore, with the Gemini Pay feature, users pay for products and services with their cryptocurrencies in over 30,000 U.S retail locations using QR code technology.

However, Gemini’s fees are unfavorable when it comes to small transactions. In addition, Gemini lacks a debit card linked to users’ accounts hence giving some of its rivals a competitive advantage.

Coinbase is another highly rated app trading over 40 cryptocurrencies, including smaller and newer digital tokens. Indeed, Coinbase users can transfer cryptocurrency to fellow users by using their Coinbase user name.

Alternatively, you can gain extra cryptocurrencies by learning about newer digital assets on Coinbase’s platform. This is by completing quizzes and viewing videos on different cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase has a Visa-branded debit card connected to its users’ balances, enabling universal spending of cryptocurrencies wherever acceptable. Besides being super costly for smaller transactions, Coinbase’s fee structure is complex.

Contrary to some of its competitors, eToro offers all of or cryptocurrencies for trading. Additionally, eToro’s CopyTrader feature stands out as it lets users copy trading done by other high-performing investors.

Are you tired of trying to understand those complex pricing structures? eToro is known for its straightforward and transparent pricing. However, this cryptocurrency app lacks the widest selection of trading cryptocurrencies.

Another cryptocurrency app topping the list is Robinhood which is best for zero trading commission. Besides, Robinhood users can use limit order in setting a buying or selling price.

Nevertheless, this cryptocurrency app offers a custodian wallet, denying users direct control over their crypto. Neither can the crypto holders on this app transfer their crypto coins into a Robinhood wallet nor trade or spend them elsewhere.

If you are searching for an app with affordable fees for cryptocurrency trading, Interactive Brokers (IBKR) is a great choice.  Whereas IBKR avails competitive fees, the app has no room for smaller altcoins. Nonetheless, those who prefer trading and investing in major cryptos like Ethereum and bitcoin IBKR app is an excellent option.

Choose the Cryptocurrency Apps

Above are some great cryptocurrency apps. Each has unique characteristics, but none is all-inclusive. Therefore, you need to consider the one with features tailored to fit your needs best.

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