CumRocket Crypto Places Ads on Adult Websites to Promote their Newly Released NFT’s


CumRocket crypto recently launched their much-awaited adult-themed NFT collection. Investors can purchase the artwork by paying through CUMMIES. A handful of NFT’s are currently sold and many more are available to place bids and are open for sale.

The NFT’s are one-of-a-kind and connects with erotica. Most of the NFT’s come from the models they’re associated with while the others are designs coming from the brand.

CumRocket has now placed advertisements on many adult websites to promote their latest NFT collection. Many more designs will be tested and pushed on the websites in the coming weeks.

CumRocket announced that their platform gave opportunities to over 1,000 creators on their new NFT marketplace. The number of buyers also spiked and currently boasts of 5,000 registered users in the ‘buyers’ section.

“A few days ago we announced that we had hit over 1,000 creators on our new NFT marketplace… Confetti ball We are ecstatic to share that the buyers are rising fast too, with over 5,000(!!) buyer accounts now registered,” a tweet read.

“Eroticism is a natural thing, it is part of our life. It feeds the spirit and soul. It makes people more beautiful, happier. In 2003, DDACO was the first Portuguese to design an exclusively erotic Art Gallery. Something completely unique in Europe!” tweeted CumRocket along with a link to an article titled “LISBON CAPITAL OF EROTISM.”

Also, its DDACO NFT’s ended up being fully sold as many investors grabbed their hands on it. “DDACO NFTs FULLY SOLD OUT. Massive congrats to everyone who managed to cop one. Especially the buyer who bought the coveted GOLD NFT for 369,693 $CUMMIES ($10k)! Party popper DDACO’s first entrance into the NFT space was a huge success, with,” they tweeted.

CumRocket Price Prediction

CumRocket was launched in April 2021 and quickly gained attention after Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted emojis of ‘water splash’ and ‘rocket’. Musk also put an emoji of the moon indicating ‘CumRocket to the moon’ and the token spiked post his tweet.

However, the token is fighting to gain dominance in the adult-themed segment and is in direct competition with OnlyFans. The token needs to get on board thousands of new models and performers and give OnlyFans a run for its money. Nonetheless, it might take more time for that to happen as OnlyFans is a giant in the adult segment.

For CumRocket to propel to new heights, it needs to dominate the adult sector and also reach mainstream. The development might take time but can surely get there someday.

Investors who want to hold on to the long term, CumRocket could be a good choice. However, for those who want quick gains by selling via day trading, CR can be tricky and is best to avoid.

At the time of publishing, CumRocket was trading at $0.02889176 and is up +13.9% in the days trade. The token is up +7% in the last 7-trading days.

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