Dogelon Mars Flips Uni to Become the Most Traded Token Among the Top 1000 ETH Whales


Dogelon Mars is the most traded token among the top 1000 ETH whales and flipped every token coming its way. ELON had flipped Decentraland (MANA) twice last month and took the top sweet spot among the ETH rich list. Just recently, UniSwap Token (UNI) took the top spot and Dogelon Mars zoomed ahead and toppled UNI during the process.

Elon is now the most traded token among the 1000 ETH whales and defeated UNI and MANA, WhaleStats data shows. “JUST IN: $ELON has flipped $UNI to become the most traded token among the top 1000 ETH richlist,” tweeted WhaleStats.

The crypto market is being dominated by meme-tokens and ELON made inroads taking a larger share of the revenue pie. There’s fierce competition in the altcoins segment and ELON made to the top despite being new to the market. The meme-token elbowed the biggies and headed straight to the top and is now the preferred token among the whales.

In addition, ELON is also the second most searched meme token, revealed Crypto Rank in November 2021. The token has also revamped their website recently adding more information about their utilities. Their new website is a helpful illustrated guide for newcomers to get started with Dogelon Mars. enabled borrowing on ELON and users can borrow upto half of their portfolio’s value in ELON for as low as 1% APR. Also, LaToken exchange listed ELON and India’s biggest trading platform WazirX recognized ELON as a prominent token.

What Differentiates Dogelon Elon From other Meme-tokens

Dogelon Mars had a circulating supply of 1 quadrillion tokens issued at launch. Half of it went to Vitalik Buterin as a gesture of thankfulness and he sent all of it to charity. The Methuselah foundation now holds close to 430 trillion ELON tokens as a result of Vitalik’s generous donation.

The foundation is a non-profit organization that aims for people to be healthy and extend their lifespan. The charity organization is named after Methuselah, the grandfather of Noah in the Hebrew Bible, whose lifespan was 969 years.

ELON gives back to society and has real world use-case that is helping people in the field of science and research. “Meme coins are about community togetherness. While some are flashes in a pan, those that last are ones who understand the value of community and take care of each other. As time goes on, meme coins will need to offer more to survive, and that comes in the form of utility,” a statement in Stacking Ventures read about ELON.

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