ETH Fan Token Spikes 5,000% in 24-hours amidst bearish conditions


The entire cryptocurrency market is experiencing a bloodbath as Bitcoin drastically dipped in price. BTC dragged the entire market down making several tokens reach weekly and monthly lows. Only a handful of coins are trading in green and one among them is ETH Fan Token that delivers phenomenal returns to early investors. The token just deleted a zero today and looks like it would delete another.

ETH Fan Token spiked +5,269.68% today making investors sit on sacks of profits. As soon as word was out about the tokens rise, many new investors poured in their money-making it spike further. The token is displaying extreme bullish sentiments and is receiving more ‘buy’ orders with new investors joining its bandwagon.

The token is running on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) platform and is the top performer of the day. It was launched less than a month ago on December 22, 2021, and rewarded investors with significant profits in three weeks.

Its daily trading volume also increased drastically to $1,426,337.80 with a sharp spike of +96,442.85%. Its market cap now stands at a whopping $274 million.

Investors are going parabolic about ETH Fan Token on Twitter by flexing their enormous profits in a short span of time.

Crypto and stock market analyst Del Crxpto called ETH Fan Token “the most innovative coin on BSC.” He also called it “the most rewarding token ever created.” He summed it up with “No wonder its up over 1500%!!!”

Influencers are now talking about ETH Fan Token’s tokenomics and how it stands apart from the rest of the tokens. If the token can repeat its performance again, it could end up being the talk of the town in the market.

What is ETH Fan Token?

The ETH Fan Token is an independent tech audit that uses innovative tokenomics and smart contracts. The token gives users an option to generate dividends with its smart contracts in the Ethereum network.

Users can lock their liquidity for 5-years alongside other team tokens that are undergoing a 180-days or more lock-in period. Also, buyers are taxed at 10% while sellers are taxed 14% tax for their transactions.

It is also a community-driven project and users are bestowed with voting powers to express their views during decision making. The smart contract also boasts of anti-bot features and takes preventive measures against the sniper-bots.

At the time of publishing, ETH Fan Token was up $0.000000006346 and is up +3,943.36% in the 24-hours day’s trade.

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