FC Barcelona Teams Up With Ownix To Join NFT Game


Spanish professional football club, FC Barcelona (Barça), has collaborated with premium NFT marketplace Ownix to launch a set of digital collectibles featuring iconic moments from its history. 

Barça Chooses Ownix To Launch NFTs

Multiple sporting teams and clubs around the world are experimenting with NFTs. The decision by Barça to launch digital collectibles was informed by the club’s global expansion strategy to seek out new formats of connecting with the new generation of fans while providing an additional channel of engagement for fans around the world. The club has chosen premier marketplace Ownix as its NFT partner. The Ownix platform is where the NFTs will be displayed for digital viewing. Additionally, the NFTs will be auctioned off for fans to bid on via the same platform. 

Ownix CEO Guy Elhanani spoke on the partnership, 

“As NFTs surge, we thought it is important to give those collectors who are Barça fans an opportunity to own a piece of their Club’s history. This new and exciting asset class allows collectors to own things that weren’t possible to own before, and we’re thrilled to offer sports fans an opportunity to spearhead the movement. Our Mission is to bring customers to purchase NFTs, not because they are marketable, but for the pleasure and pride of owning them.”

Digital Collectibles To Reach Global Fans

Fans across the globe will now be able to engage with these NFTs and even acquire and own digital assets by participating in the auctions. In addition, the NFT collection will include photos and videos featuring the most iconic moments in the club’s 122-year-old history. 

Barça President Joan Laporta spoke on the upcoming digital collection, 

“Barça has a very large fanbase around the world and is leading the way in the digital domain with over 400 million followers in social networks. Given this scenario, the Club is constantly looking for new ways to connect with its fans, and we believe that creating these NFTs is a unique opportunity to continue growing and consolidating the Barça brand by bringing unique moments that have made Barça fans dream and FC Barcelona a well-known club on every level.”

NFTs In Team Sports

Digital collectible drops have become quite a common for sporting clubs and teams to connect with a wider fan base. In the world of football, Spain’s leading football club, Campeonato Nacional de Liga de Primera División, or La Liga, had announced the launch of digital player cards as NFT collectibles. Manchester City has already dropped two NFT collections. Beyond football, the NBA licenses game highlights as NFTs for a digital collectibles platform called NBA Top Shot.

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