Muscle and Roid Enthusiasts bring NFTs to the Crypto Space


Floki Steroid, a meme NFT, has managed to dive into the crypto world and promote itself across the space. FlokiSteroid is brought to you by a couple of crypto, muscles and roid enthusiasts. Flokisteroid was created to create a fantasy crypto world for bodybuilders. The team has several years of experience in all of the areas mentioned and will surely take this to a new level with epic giveaways, amazing exclusive 3D NFT’s, and onboard a rocket that will go through a hell of an adventure.

Flokisteroid is an NFT hoping to soar high and provide you with all the necessities to make your wallet strong and sexy like a beast. Six, 6 NFT traits will be released for minting. Each has a unique character and a storyline that is pumped with steroids. They include Trenfloki, Clenfloki, Zyzzfloki, Arnoldfloki, DbolFloki, OlympiaFloki.

With 2000 Floki steroid NFT total supply to be minted, 300 Trenfloki (rare), 600 Clenfloki (common), 200 Zyzzfloki (epic), 200 Arnoldfloki (epic), 600 DbolFloki (common), 100 OlympiaFloki (Super super epic) will be made available from the six unique NFT traits.

The six unique NFT traits include TRENFLOKI- Floki who used trenbolone, the drug which makes you shredded, big and dry, DBOLFLOKI- Floki used too much Dianabol, which made him so puffy, his face full with acne and pustules over his whole body, CLENFLOKI- Floki used Clenbuterol, better known as the horse drug because it’s so intense. He got so shredded and skinny at the same time. Also, ZYZZFLOKI- One Greek god in the bodybuilding world called Zyzz. Unfortunately, he died in a sauna while using steroids, coke, and other drugs. RIP brother. I still think about you every day and how you helped me start the gym journey. ARNOLDFLOKI- Ya’ll familiar with Mr Schwarzenegger? AKA part-time bodybuilder & Hollywood actor? Well, That is what this NFT will be all about. OLYMPIAFLOKI- The one and only Mr OlympiaFloki took it all. All he wanted was to be the biggest ever, and did he succeed? You will have to wait and see.

The creator, Danny The Tanned Whale, is a crypto and gym enthusiast. He said, “I am Danny, living in Holland, crypto & gym fanatic for 3/4 years. Some of you might know me as the owner of @DannyCalls, some of you l know me of my active engagement in multiple BSC groups, giving tips & advice to people.”

The tokenomics include 1,000,000 total NFT supplies with 8% Buy tax distributed with 5% for the marketing and development team, 2% for Buyback, and 1% for the liquidity pool. Also, 12% for sales tax with 6% for marketing and development team, 5% for Buyback and 1% for the liquidity pool.

Our Version 1 roidmap consists of 3 steps, with the first step consisting logo & website, private sale, steroid marketing, audit, Whitepaper, KYC with pinksale, AMA’s with various communities, presale on pinksale, then second step is the launch on Pancakeswap, crazy steroid post-launch marketing, CMC, CG, crazy NFT’s, the third step is V2 website launch, CEX listings, billboards all over the world, big celebrity collabs, steroid giveaway.

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