SafeMoon Could Breach the 3 Million Holders Mark by the End of 2021


The number of SafeMoon holders are growing and they’re growing at a pretty rapid pace. The DeFi token had 2.5 million holders between June to August 2021 but the numbers remained stagnant for three months. Right after SafeMoon Wallet was released, the number of holders picked up steam and investors jumped in on the bandwagon.

SafeMoon’s website shows that there are 2.9 million holders currently and the numbers are increasing by the day. To be precise, it has 2,938,513 holders and is only 61,487 holders away from breaching the 3 million mark.

Here’s Why SafeMoon Will Cross 3 Million Holders By the End of 2021

Shiba Inu and BabyDoge Coin crossed 1 million holders mark in November, SafeMoon could cross 3 million holders in December 2021.

The DeFi token has come out successful from its SafeMoon Wallet launch despite facing delays. In addition, the top management is reshuffled and the non-performers were asked to leave or resigned by themselves. The board is now injected with fresh talent and ideas that will propel the token to new highs.

Even the former CTO Thomas Smith ‘Papa’ left on good terms after completing his work. Smith said he will still be a part of it “externally” and will do everything to help it reach new heights.

The once struggling SafeMoon is now sailing smoothly and CEO John Karony steered the ship towards normal waters. The upcoming V2 upgradation will benefit the token enormously and make it stand at a pivotal period soon. In 2022, it will be seen differently and could be among the top DeFi projects in the crypto sphere.

SafeMoon to Be Listed on Binance?

Reports are doing the rounds that Binance could list SafeMoon during the early months of 2022. Safemoon is not listed on top exchange platforms and a Binance listing could do wonders. A Google search about ‘Binance and Safemoon’ shows that Binance has archived it on their website and is only a skeleton listing.

The Binance page shows that it is already indexed it on Google and the ‘cached version’ displays a trading page. However, Binance has not confirmed about listing Safemoon but the backend hints that they soon might.

At the time of publishing, SafeMoon was trading at $0.00000237 and is down -4.6% in the days trade. The coin is down -46.8% since the last 30-trading days.

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