SafeMoon (SFM) Price Prediction for October 2021


SafeMoon coin is a new player in the DeFi market, and it is already turning it upside down. SafeMoon is like DOGE, except with more innovations. Let’s go into its price prediction for October.


SafeMoon is a BEP-20 token launched on March 8. The project was built on a Binance Smart Chain network. The team behind SafeMoon is on a mission to make the world’s first coin that does not get affected by bubble bursts and instead embraces DeFi.

Functions SafeMoon protocol

Earlier, the company announced the introduction of the SAFEMOON/DOGE trading pair. After that, they began legal paperwork with Bitmart.

Speculators are betting on the future of SafeMoon. In just a few months, the price of the asset rose from $0.000000001 to $0.00000005. The tremendous growth within the three months indicates it might be volatile.

With the rise in popularity of DeFi, many cryptocurrencies fall into the trap of high APY of LP (Liquidity Pools) farming as earlier buyers with higher rewards crowd them out.

The days of token valuation bubbles and price crashes are behind us, thanks to SafeMoon. The company’s solution? Static rewards depend on the volume traded for a specific cryptocurrency.

Reflections encourage holders to keep their tokens for the chance at a profit. The percentage-based dividends depend on how many total coins a holder has in their wallet.

Burning is a useful way to track and control how much crypto you’re willing to invest in the long term. The SafeMoon app will let you know if there are any burning conditions before it happens.

SafeMoon Cryptocurrency Long Term Price Prediction

The developers have ambitious plans that will change the crypto world. They are building an NFT exchange, developing video game integration and educational apps. Besides, they have a lofty goal of creating a charity platform by 2021.

Authoritative Opinion

SafeMoon has emerged as a promising investment opportunity. sees potential for prices to go up to $0.00000609 and reach $0.0000124 by 2025. 

DigitalCoin Price source supposes SFM price to reach $0.00000763 by the end of 2021 and go slightly up 2022. By 2025, the “zeros” could reduce, and the SafeMoon price may hit $0.00001554.

Money Morning associate editor, David Zeiler, believes that SFM is nothing but a bubble. He claims it will burst soon: “My SFM price prediction is that it will blow up and go to zero. And within a couple of years, will end up on the ever-growing heap of ‘dead coins.’”

With all this speculation, time will tell what a SafeMoon is. 

​​SafeMoon Price Prediction October 2021

The SFM cryptocurrency exchange rate forecast for October 2021 is $0.000031 at the beginning and ending with $0.000032.

SFM might grow by 2.93% in October 2021. The exchange rate will be $0.000031 per coin, with a maximum possible value of $0.000033 and minimum projections at $0.000031.

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