UFC and MMA Fighter Chuck Liddell Buys it After Loving their Artwork


Goobers NFT ended up being sold out as art enthusiasts grabbed it all during the latest bid auction. The floor price for the NFT’s were 0.088 Ethereum (ETH) and everything went flying off the shelves within minutes. 100% of Goobers have already been minted and sold out.

UFC and MMA fighter Chuck Liddell took to his Twitter handle announcing he purchased a Goobers NFT. He also stated that he loves their artwork and is a ”Goob” fan. ”Just got my next #nft Im now a @GoobersNFT GOOB! So many #NFTs to choose from. Whats yours?”

Chuck Liddell also made sure that the purchase is not a paid endorsement and he genuinely purchased the Goobers NFT after liking their artwork. ”This is not a paid endorsement. I like the art and bought it,” the MMA fighter tweeted.

Even JRNY Crypto appreciated Liddell’s choice of Goobers NFT and tweeted, ”Good pick” with a smiley. Liddell who is a NFT enthusiast replied that he’s interested in JRNY Crypto as well. ”The man!!! @JRNYcrypto Trying to get into your nft??? Tough guy to reach? Im trying!”

For the uninitiated, JRNY Crypto is among the top crypto and NFT influencers and commands 606,000 subscribers. His videos rake thousands of views as he educated investors about NFT projects.

JRNY Crypto also spoke about Goobers NFT in his latest video and praised their artwork. You can check out the video below:

Even David Gokhshtein, the founder of Gokhshtein Media and CEO of PAC Protocol advised Liddell to pick up a lion NFT. ”Chuck, get a Lion. I have plenty of them,” he tweeted.

Immediately, hundreds of lion NFT pictures poured in the comments section for which Liddell said, ”So many of these lions in comments!”

What Is ‘The Goobers NFT’?

The Goobers Collection has over 15,000 unique NFTs. The artworks are incredible and come in high-quality innovative animations. Each Goober NFT allows holders to obtain special perks like exclusive NFTs and also gain access to the Gooberverse.

The NFTs run on a concept of ”Find a Brain, Blend In.” The collections are provided and stored on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Goober sports a number of items such as outfits, accessories, animations, and anything they have claimed for a brain. The user also gets to choose a variety of features to make the NFT stand apart from the crowd.

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